Posted by: flipflopfarmgirl | 07/20/2014

Sunday “Smoking” Day

ribscornGood Morning!!!!

Today’s Sunday so around here that means it’s “Smoking Day”.

Now it’s not what you think.

For Father’s Day last year I got my hubby an electric smoker. He loves it so much that every Sunday since last June (well actually May I got the smoker early lol) we have had some type of meat smoked in the smoker.

Can I just tell you how much I LOVE this smoker? It’s so easy to take care of, we just spray some cooking spray on it before putting them into the smoker (this helps w/clean up more than the food sticking which we’ve never had a problem w/). Then we add either whole chickens, ribs, corn, a little of each or whatever looks good at the store that week.

Does anyone else out there have a smoker? There are so many kinds/types. Definitely do some research before you buy yours & get one that you love & will work for you.

On today’s menu, ribs & corn. The ribs come out so good & the corn is just as good. We (well my hubby) just puts some rub on the ribs & throws them into the smoker. Then just takes the corn & throws that in also (no need to shuck the corn).

A few hours later you have yummy corn, you don’t even need to add salt or butter (but you could definitely do that) & the ribs are delish!!!!

What are you doing on this wonderful Sunday?

From the Flip Flop Farm Girl

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