Posted by: flipflopfarmgirl | 07/22/2014

Farm House Counter Space

We moved into our “forever home” at the beginning of Sept last year. It’s my hubby’s grandfather’s house that he was born & raised in along with his brother/s & sister.

It’s a very nice house & I love living here. We are able to send our oldest to a very good Preschool which is just minutes down the road from our house & she loves it there.

We are also able to have a small (small only because we got a late start on planting it & will be much bigger next year with the planting of more veggies & even some pumpkins) garden & to raise our 30+ chickens, & a great place for our bees, which we just started having this year.

It’s also super easy to take care of & by this I mean me being able to clean & keep it looking good on a daily basis.

The only thing that I wish there was more of would be counter space (see picture below).


This is a picture (above) of our only counter space. I usually put the toaster on there, when I’m not drying dishes & am able to do a few things there.

To give myself some more “counter space” I use a small table for our crock pot, which I’ve been using almost on a daily basis since we moved in here (will post on this later so watch out for the post).


Here is a pic (above) of the crock pot “spot”.

I also utilize my kitchen table for the “bigger” prepping of meals & such (pic below).


So somehow we make it all work & I wouldn’t give it up at all.

Do you have limited space in your kitchen or know of any cool tips/tricks to make your “space” bigger? Why not post it here for all to share.

Thanks for stopping by.

The Flip Flop Farm Girl….


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