Posted by: flipflopfarmgirl | 09/07/2014

It’s Football time!!!!


This is a pic of hubby w/a NE Patriot helmet on….

Finally, after what seems like forever, football season has begun.

I love sports & enjoy watching them with family & friends or going to the games also.

I love to cheer for my team & yell at the tv like I’m the ref or something lol. My hubby thinks I’m crazy for doing this but I know it works lol….

I also have to sit a certain way when the teams doing good & if someone leaves the room during a play & said play is messed up it’s the persons fault who left the room. Now I know that thinking this is probably wrong & according to my hubby I have nothing to do with the play at hand. But in my mind it does, right?

Also this time of year is good for making snacky food & enjoying it all day long.

Today my hubby is smoking a turkey in the smoker. It’s only been in there for a little while but it smells good already.

I’ll be cheering for the NE Patriots today. Who will you be cheering for? Post below in the comments who your team is & we’ll see who everyone likes.

Have fun, eat some really good food, cheer on your team, & enjoy your day….

Go #NEPatriots

The Flip Flop Farm Girl….

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