Posted by: flipflopfarmgirl | 09/23/2014

Angela White’s “Life After War: Book One The Survivors” Book Review


Here is the first installment of my monthly “book reviews”. I love to read & hopefully you will like some of the books that I am reviewing & will read them too.

PLEASE NOTE: I am not being paid by the author, publisher, or anyone else to review these books. I am doing this all on my own. I will be reviewing books that I’m currently reading or have read in the past.
If there is something you would like to see me read please comment on this post & I’d be glad to check it out & also review it.

Here’s my review:
My first book review is of Angela White’s “”Life After War: Book One The Survivors”.

The first book in this series has it all. The world has just fallen apart, there’s fighting, surviving, love (but not the mooshy kind lol), hate, witchery, magic, ownership, death, horrible conditions & fighting to make things better.

There are seven “main” characters that we meet along the way: Adrian, Samantha, Angela, Kenn, Marc, Kendle, & John. We find out how they all survived the world falling apart & how they call come together to build America into the kind of place where they can all SURVIVE. But it’s not all sunny & flowers for these characters. Actually there’s hardly any sun & the flowers, well, are all gone. There are also some less then savory characters who think that just because they survived, they take the females who have survived as their own.

Each character grows in their own way & you can really connect with them as you see them becoming braver & learning to fight for what is theirs, LIFE.

So how did it all fall apart? I could tell you, but then you wouldn’t read this great book & series.

If you like, or in my case love, end of world books, then you definitely need to read this book/series. I loved everything about this book.

Happy Reading,

The Flip Flop Farm Girl


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