Posted by: flipflopfarmgirl | 12/24/2014

Christmas Eve Traditions

What traditions did you have growing up on Christmas Eve? Here is what we did when I was growing up.

My sister & I got to open one present before we went to bed. It usually was a pair of Christmas pajamas. Once we opened our present, we got some milk & cookies for Santa & a carrot for the reindeer & put them under the tree along with our note to Santa thanking him for the presents that he would be leaving for us & to let him know that the milk & cookies were for him & to make sure that he didn’t eat too much that night & to not forget to give the carrot to the reindeer. Why we never left more than one carrot for nine reindeer I’ll never know or why we never said anything about only leaving one carrot. Not sure what we were thinking.

Then we would go to bed & try to “listen” for Santa to come, but we would always fall asleep before he came.

Then on Christmas morning, we would get up & the tree lights would already be on & we would be so happy at all the presents that we got.

Now that I have little ones of my own I do this same tradition for them. They get to open one present, & yes it’ll be Christmas pajamas, & then we’ll put out cookies & still just one carrot, for Santa & the reindeer. Then I’ll read my girls “Twas The Night Before Christmas” before they go to bed.

I hope that when my girls are moms that they either keep this tradition alive or make their own traditions.

Hope you all enjoy your holiday & keep your traditions going each & every year.


The Flip Flop Farm Girl….


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