Posted by: flipflopfarmgirl | 12/31/2014

January Meal Plan

So this month’s meal plan is kinda easy b/c for about a week we’ll be away for a mini vaca.

I’m planning on what to have on the day after we come home so that’s all I’ll have to do is throw everything in the crock pot & not have to worry about going shopping & getting everything.

1. Take out – Chinese food was going to get some for New Year’s Eve but the restaurants are so busy we’ll just get take out today
2 – Take out – pizza why not
3 – Left overs – trying to clean out the fridge & not have tons of food b/c we’ll be on vaca soon
4 – Ham dinner
5 – Crock pot chicken corn chili
6 – left overs – yes again lol
7 – left overs – hopefully all will be gone
8 – 12 – vaca baby!!!!!
13 – take out – we come home today so who’s gonna wanna cook not this girl lol
14 – Crock pot chicken broccoli alfredo – I’ll actually buy all the ingredients for this before we go on vaca & freeze it so I’ll just take it out when we get home & throw it in the crock pot easy peasy. (this is what I was referring to earlier)
15 – it’s Thursday so it’s take out day
16 – Pasta & a salad
17 – Crock pot buffalo chicken wraps
18 – Crock pot stuffed peppers
19 – left overs
20 – Crock pot sweet & sour chicken
21 – Crock pot pot roast
22 – take out
23 – left overs
24 – Crock pot loaded tater soup
25 – Crock pot swiss steak
26 – left overs
27 – Crock pot cheesy chicken & taters
28 – chicken stir fry
29 – take out
30 – left overs
31 – baked chicken parm

Hope you enjoy this plan.

What are you having this month?

Happy Planning,

The Flip Flop Farm Girl….

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