Posted by: flipflopfarmgirl | 01/02/2015

Having my Ham Radio License


We live in the house that my husbands grandfather grew up in & is surrounded by cranberry bogs. We love it here. There’s always plenty of sun, when there aren’t clouds in the sky, & there is always a breeze. Sometimes, just because of the wind, we will loose power. Granted it has only happened a couple of times in the year or so that we’ve lived here, but enough.

I’m home all day with my two little girls & got to thinking one day about what I would do if we lost power for any length of time. How would we survive? What would we do for water & food? How would I communicate with the outside world if our cell phones died?

So I got a solar powered radio that can be charged with electricity or by the sun. I can listen to regular radio stations or I can listen to the NOAA stations for local weather. In my research I came across some info that I had no idea about, ham radios. I know what they do in general, but had never thought of having one before or needing one.

So I did some research on ham radios. How do they work? Would this really be a good thing for me to have in times of storms & such? How do I go about getting one? I researched it all.

I found out that I needed to get a license, yes an actual license, to be able to use a ham radio. So I got the books that I would need to read & study to be able to get my “Technician Class license” for ham radios. I’m not a very technical person, so I won’t lie & say that studying for this was a piece of cake b/c it wasn’t. A lot of what I studied seemed like a foreign language to me. But I studied anyway. For just over a month, every day, I would study the “Technician Class license” book & take the online tests. There are 426, yes you read that right 426, possible questions to study for the test & only 35 questions are on the actual test. If you’re thinking, that’s a lot of questions to study, that’s nothing. For the General Class exam there are 456 possible questions & 35 on the test & for the Extra Class exam there are 702 possible questions with 50 on the exam. The books that I am using to study from are pictured above, but there are a few other ones that you could use. Just do a little search online & find the one that works for you & study, study, study, study.

Then on October 16 I went to a local fire department where a local ham club was holding an exam night for anyone who would like to get their license or upgrade to a different license level. There are now 3 level of license’s, Technician Class (which I have now), General Class (I’ll be studying for this & will take the exam this Spring), & Extra Class (if all goes well with my General Class exam I hope to take this exam either in the Summer or Fall in 2015).

So now I have my ham radio & belong to some groups online that just are for ham operators. Now I’ll feel a little safer having another way to communicate with the outside world in the even that we do loose power.

Do any of you have your license? If so, which class license do you hold?

Listen for me on the air. My call sign is: KC1CQL.

Happy Ham Radioing,

The Flip Flop Farm Girl….


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