Posted by: flipflopfarmgirl | 02/23/2015

Last night on The Walking Dead


Ok, you’ve been warned.  I will be talking about what happened on last night’s show.  If you didn’t get to watch it yet & are reading this, you have been warned….

So last night we finally get to meet the stranger that appeared at the end of last weeks show, Aaron.

The group obviously doesn’t trust him as they shouldn’t given what they’ve already been through.  So a small group goes out to check on what they have learned from Aaron so far.  He tells them that there are two cars that got stuck on the road from the storm.  What do they find, two cars on the road that can’t continue b/c there are trees all over the road ahead of them.

He also says that he is with just another person (we don’t find out until later in the show that he was also telling the truth about this).

What makes Aaron a little shady is that he won’t tell the group where is group is living.  Ok, granted the group isn’t very forth coming with info but that’s to be expected.

So they decide that they will go with Aaron to his compound & live there.  One thing I did notice when they first meet Aaron is that Rick doesn’t ask his “3 questions” that he asks whenever they meet anyone.  A little odd but let’s move on.

On the way they run in to walkers, of course, & Aaron doesn’t handle the whole situation well & wants to run off.  To me it seems like he hasn’t dealt with the walkers well.

They finally make it to the compound but we don’t get to see the group go inside just yet, they’ve left that until next week.

So what did you think of last nights show?  I wonder what Alexandria is going to be like?


The Flip Flop Farm Girl….

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