Posted by: flipflopfarmgirl | 02/28/2015

March/April Meal Plan

I’m always looking to save money & still be able to make some great meals for my family.

One of the FB pages that I’m on, “I am THAT Lady”, posts all the time that she shops at Aldi & can make 20+ meals & only spend $150.

So seeing this I think, I can do that too.

So I take a look at her meal plans & notice that she doubles her meals, which is good, but she has them twice a month, not so good.  I only say that b/c my hubby aside from having left overs after we’ve already had a meal once, does not like to have the same thing twice in one month.

So to make everyone happy.  I picked 31 meals from the list & put together the list I will need to go food shopping this week.  I’m figuring on spending about $177 (that’s just $20 more than what I would spend on just one weeks worth of food).  So I’m thinking if I can get what I need, I don’t need much since I have a lot of the items already in my pantry, that I can make 31 meals & just double them & freeze them all & then I would have 2 months worth of meals instead of just one.

For April I might use some of the meals that are already frozen, but if this works out, & I think & hope it does, I will do another Aldi run & get more stuff to make meals out of & freeze those too.

So here’s the plan for March, hope you enjoy it.  I will post in April how I did with this meal plan.

1. Baked Ravioli
2. Salsa Chicken
3. Left Overs
4. Pasta w/Meatballs
5. Take out
6. Thai Peanut Pork
7. CP Chicken Cacciatore
8. Mac & Cheese
9. Left Overs
10. Souvlaki Chicken
11. Pasta w/broc & alfredo sauce
12. Take Out
13. Left Overs
14. CP Pulled Pork
15. Teriyaki Chicken
16. Left Overs
17. Chicken Enchiladas
18. Turkey Chili
19. Take Out
20. Chicken Parm
21. CP BBQ Chicken Sammies
22. Left Overs
23. CP Lasagna
24. Cheesy Chicken w/broc
25. Honey Garlic Chicken
26. Take Out
27. Left Overs
28. Loaded Baked Tater Casserole
29. Chicken Divan
30. Marinated Chicken Breast
31. Left Overs
April 1. Chicken Piccata

Wish me luck.

The Flip Flop Farm Girl….


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