Posted by: flipflopfarmgirl | 04/09/2015

Repurposing bed sheets

Are you like me & don’t use the “top sheet” on your bed?  I haven’t had one on my bed since I was little.  I always thought that the comforter did a good job all by itself.

So what do you do when you buy a sheet set & you don’t use the “top sheet”?  Well here’s one idea for ya.

I use it as a dust ruffle on my bed, no need to go out & buy one.  Here’s how you use it.  Take the top mattress off of your bed, it’s best if you have someone help you do this as it can be a little heavy.  Next, take your top sheet & place it over the box spring.  Make sure that the sheet covers the box spring & almost touches the floor on the sides & the front.  No need to cover the back of the bed since it’ll be against the wall.  Once you have the sheet on & it looks good all around carefully place the mattress back on top of the sheet, again having someone help you do this will make it much easier to do.

There you have it.  No need to go out & buy a dust ruffle & now the top sheet won’t take up space in your closet.

Happy bed making,

The Flip Flop Farm Girl….


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