Posted by: flipflopfarmgirl | 04/14/2015

Going Out To Eat ALONE….

When’s the last time you took yourself out to lunch or dinner?  I haven’t been to lunch by myself since last Fall, but I highly recommend doing it every once in a while.

What, you say?  Take myself out to lunch or dinner by myself!  Yes I did.  It’s a great thing to do for yourself.  You’ll be more relaxed & enjoy life much better.

But, you ask yourself, won’t people look at me funny?  Um, if they do, who cares.

It’s really not that big of a deal, to go out to eat by yourself, but any meal that I can just sit back, relax, not worry about who’s eating what, or filling sippy cups, or picking up messes, is a great meal to me.

I pack up my Nook & head out to one of my favorite places to dine alone, Panera.  This way I can read a book that doesn’t have anything to do with princesses, animals, well any kid book.

Just to have a half an hour of quiet, ok not too quiet if you’re in a restaurant, but just to be by myself & enjoy relaxing.  It’s even better if I’m able to enjoy a lunch outside & soak up some of those sun rays….

I’m so glad that the weather is starting to be nice out again.  I’ll definitely be going outside to have picnics with my daughters but am looking forward to going out ALONE to enjoy a lunch or two, or more, alone.

So, take yourself out to lunch or dinner sometime, trust me you’ll really like it.

Happy Eating,

The Flip Flop Farm Girl….

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