Posted by: flipflopfarmgirl | 07/05/2015

Can I live w/o Cable?

Yes, yes I can & guess what, so can my kids!!!!

I knew that we always could, but recently our cable box decided that it didn’t want to work any more so we were without cable TV for a day & a half.

Not that the kids watch that much TV, they have tons of toys to play with & love to watch the billion movies we have on DVD.

In this day & age of kids not connecting to life but instead to electronics, it’s good to know that my kids can play together, yes there are times when I hear “don’t do that”, “give that back to me”, “that’s mine”, but they do tend to play well together for the most part.

Plus the weather is FINALLY starting to be on the nicer side so we are getting out more & doing more outdoor things.

So, can you live without Cable/TV  How long do you think your family can go with out putting the TV on?  I’m definitely going to be keeping the TV off more & more.  It’s time to get back to doing family things & not be so consumed by TV & electronics.

Happy no TVing,

The Flip Flop Farm Girl….


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