Posted by: flipflopfarmgirl | 07/31/2015

August 2015 Meal Plan


Here is the Menu for this month.  Hope you enjoy it!

1.  CP BBQ Chicken

2.  Eating Out

3.  CP Creamy Taco Chicken

4.  Left Overs

5.  Summer Salad

6.  Pizza Night

7.  Left Overs

8.  Ranch Chicken Taters

9.  Beef & Broc

10.  CP Unstuffed Stuffed Peppers

11.  Left Overs

12.  Pasta

13.  Pizza

14.  CP Italian chicken

15.  Beef & Broc (I know just had it last week but I just love this stuff lol)

16.  Beef & Bacon Hash

17.  Left Overs

18.  Ch Parm

19.  Left Overs

20.  Pizza Night

21.  Pork Picadillo

22.  Macaroni Buffalo Chicken Salad

23.  Chicken Caesar Sammis

24.  Left Overs

25.  Chicken Tacos

26.  Tikka Masala

27.  Pizza Might

28.  Seasfood (for hubby) Shrimp (for me) Casserole

29.  Dinner Out

30.  Pepper Steak

31.  Pineapple Chicken

Happy Cooking,

The Flip Flop Farm Girl….


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