Posted by: flipflopfarmgirl | 08/01/2015

Books Read Update

Hi there!

Another month has gone by, & yes another month where I didn’t read a single book.

What is wrong with me?  I love to read, it’s just finding the time to do it.

I know, I know, there is the time I just have to make it for myself.

I will, this month!  HOPEFULLY!!!!

There are 5 weekends in this month, so I’m going to set a goal of reading at least one book a week for the next 5 weeks.  We’ll see how far I get in next months update lol.

Don’t get me wrong, I do read every night, to my girls, so it’s not like I’m not reading at all.  I’m just not reading a book that is just sitting on my book shelf waiting for m to read it

What are you reading this summer?  Are you making time to read something every day?

Happy Reading,

The Flip Flop Farm Girl….

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