Posted by: flipflopfarmgirl | 05/09/2016

Summer Bucket List….

I thought it would be fun to make a list of things together of things that we can do this summer.

I’m sure I’m missing a ton of things out there to do & know that I’ll add some stuff as we go, but this is a good start.  These are not in any particular order & we won’t be doing these in any type of order.  They’ll just happen as they happen.

  1. Play at a new playground                           36.  Make pinecone bird feeders
  2. Visit the Library                                            37.  Homemade Spa Day
  3. Water color                                                     38.  Plant flowers
  4. Go to movies                                                  39.  Go to a baseball game
  5. Put together a puzzle on a rainy day     40.  Write in a journal
  6. Have a Read-a-thon                                   41.  Go to the Aquarium
  7. Go to a Parade                                               42.   Blow bubbles
  8. Bean bag toss                                                43.   Make cookies for the Police & Fire Depts
  9. Go fishing                                                      44.  Ride bikes along the canal
  10. Watch a meteor shower                            45.  Go berry picking
  11. Build a fort                                                    46.  Cook outside over a camp fire
  12. Dinner at the beach                                   47.   Unplug day – no tv, tablets, computer, phs
  13. Star gaze                                                        48.   Go to the zoo
  14. Make root beer floats                                49.  Go bowling
  15. Build a sand castle                                      50.  Eat watermelon
  16. Camp indoors                                               51.  Take a mini road trip
  17. Go swimming                                               52.  Make popsicles
  18. Have breakfast in bed                                53.  Make homemade lemonade
  19. Pajama day                                                    54.  Movie night outside with snacks
  20. Ice cream for dinner                                   55.  Bake cupcakes
  21. Wash the car                                                 56.  Help cook dinner
  22. Have family game night                            57.  Go on a hike
  23. Go to Farmers Market                                58.  Paint rocks
  24. Feed ducks                                                     59.  Watch a sunset
  25. Watch a sunrise                                           60.  Have a water gun fight
  26. Catch a lighting but                                    61.  Have a pillow fight
  27. Go to a fair                                                     62.  Stay up super late
  28. Roast marshmallows                                  63.  Make s’mores
  29. Watch fireworks                                           64.  Read at least 10 books
  30. Collect seashells
  31. Fly a kite
  32. Ride on a carousel
  33. Go to the playground
  34. Go to the beach
  35. Have a water balloon fight

Have a great SUMMER!!!!

Love, Peace, & Happiness

The Flip Flop Farm Girl….


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