Posted by: flipflopfarmgirl | 12/21/2014

Survey: Snow/No Snow….

Don’t get me wrong, I think snow is great. Great on the grass. Great on the trees. Great when it’s falling from the sky. But the on thing it isn’t great on is “the road”. I only say that because of how people drive, or should I say, how they forget how to drive when it snows. It happens every year here people. If you’ve lived in New England for even just one winter, you should know how to drive in the fluffy white stuff. Even if it only snows one during the whole winter, yeah like that might happen, you should still know how to drive in it.

It’s not really that hard to drive in the snow. It’s just like driving in the rain. You take your time & don’t drive 1,000 miles an hour. Now that doesn’t seem like it’s hard to do, does it?

But none the less, every winter from the first snow fall to the last, there’s always someone driving in the snow who thinks they can drive like the roads are nice & clean of snow & are in a rush to go no where. These are usually the people who either cause other cars to get into accidents or are in an accident themselves.

So please for this winter can we all drive safely & get to & from your destination in one piece & not drive like maniacs.


The Flip Flop Farm Girl….


  1. I feel you… And also, if you have a tiny ’95 Corolla you probably shouldn’t be driving in a snow storm. It really is common sense, but even in New Hampshire you still have the dummies who do that. Luckily I now live in a place where there is no snow. 🙂


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